Winter/Spring Workshop Series 2020

Back by popular demand, the Voice Zone's affordable, highly practical, small group workshops are returning throughout early 2020.
These workshops will explore:
Shakespeare and Mischief-Making: Playfulness, Devilry and Deceit
American Accents
Nail Self-Taping
Full details, dates and prices about all of the workshops can be found below.
If you'd like to book or if you have any further questions then please do get in touch by emailing
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Image by Jessica Pamp

The Workshop Series

Shakespeare and Mischief-Making:

Playfulness, Devilry and Deceit

Demystify Shakespeare and commit to truthful acting of his plays and words in this workshop for stage and screen. Using breath, physicality and established rehearsal techniques, we'll access and connect to each character's individual journey and truth.
Through the workshop, we'll explore a variety of "mischief-making" speeches and scenes.  We'll hone your performance to fit the medium, thinking about casting, different theatre spaces, preparing for an outdoor tour and exploring a more modern touch with acting for camera too. Above all, we'll connect Shakespeare's language to your voice, helping you discover and convey the multiple meanings of his words.
max 10 actors
King George's Hall, Esher
Friday 14th February 12.30-7.30pm

American Accent Workout Day

Learning an accent is not just about changing your voice, but adopting a whole new posture and physicality. We'll explore General American, Southern American and New York accents, discovering together the physical consequences of each new accent - how these characters hold themselves, use their mouths, what gestures they use...
It's essential to get the accent into your body first, and then begin looking at individual sounds and mouth placements (tracking jaw movement, mouth space, tongue and airflow) to perfect individual sounds.
As well as working through detailed breakdowns of each accent, we'll spend time working through scenes and duologues to help you physicalise the accent and find the tone and placement that suits your voice - all while keeping it real and believable.
A great day for actors who are new to American accents or who lack the confidence to work in them because we'll be in such a playful, safe and kind setting. By learning new accents, you'll increase your range and castability - highly relevant for all areas of acting and voice work, and for actors developing games, character and drama reels.
The workshop includes lunch - a great opportunity to ask
further questions and get to know like-minded actors!
Max 4 actors
Voice Zone Studio, Hersham
Sat 22nd Feb
Includes lunch

Nail Self Taping

So many auditions and initial castings now take place via self-tape so being confident at lighting, filming, editing and sending your footage is essential - so that you are free to concentrate on nailing your audition!
This day long workshop is designed to build these essentials skills to the highest quality. We'll discuss kit (working both on camera and on your own smart phone), look at a range of lighting set-ups and how to transform your own home into a workable space. By using some easy-to-use software, you'll soon be editing, compressing and uploading your footage with confidence too. The workshop will end with an opportunity to test film both monologues and scenes to try out your new skills.
This is a highly practical workshop suitable for actors who find technology difficult as well as the more tech-savvy among you - there's always something new to learn about lighting and angles
Max 4 actors
Voice Zone Studio,
Sun 15th Mar
Includes lunch