Skype Feedback & Advice

What is it?

There are a number of reasons why a 30minute Skype feedback and/or advice session might be right for you. Perhaps you don't yet know much about the voice-over world, or have some more detailed questions about voice-overs, voice or acting training before taking the plunge... Perhaps you've already recorded a reel with another company but have not had much success with voice agents. (The Voice Zone offers detailed feedback about what can be improved in your reel including ordering and suggestions for further material that may be required to show off your full range.)


Alternatively, you may be looking for some specific marketing advice about the best way to submit your work to agents, voice agents and producers; or for advice on technology if you are thinking about setting up your own home studio so that you can access the myriad jobs available to actors who can record in this way.

If any of these areas apply to you, you may like to arrange a 30minute Skype session to go over your queries or problems and to help you prepare a detailed plan of action. These helpful conversations can give you the answers that you need, and the confidence to pursue your goals, whatever they may be.

How does it work?

If you're interested in a Skype Feedback and Advice session, the best way to book is to send an email with some more details about your aims for the session. Once a mutually convenient time is booked, you will then receive the Skype handle details ready for the session. Don't forget, if you would like detailed feedback on an existing voice reel and/or other recorded material, the clips must be sent in advance (either by email or We Transfer etc).

The cost is £25/30mins. Don't forget, though, that for every 2 hours of one-to-one coaching you book, you could receive this 30min Skype chat for free, plus each reel bundle includes a number of Skype chats too.