Actor Testimonials


I got signed with my voice agent, Soho voices, as a direct result of the training, work and subsequent reels made with The Voice Zone and the Reel Progression course. I've already had 2 national TV Commercial VO jobs with the very same agent!


Inspirational, diagnostic & fun, much to take away!


Thank you for your clarity, generosity and astute perception.


F***king Awesome - so much fun - Insanely focused - your energy, attention to detail is amazing by far the best VO workshop I have done at the Actors Centre!


So much to take away and work with.


Valuable, fascinating, illuminating & fun. Lots to think about!


Practical, passionate, all in an amazing teacher!


Brilliant, so detailed, exacting and your methods work, thank you - great fun.


Enlightening, brilliant class and teaching, a joy to work with such a generous teacher.


Peter's feedback sessions are extremely useful - not only does he have tonnes of knowledge but he always gives input in a friendly, motivating way. I feel very reassured to have him helping and guiding me with my reel.

I went into the whole Voice Over thing somewhat daunted but from our very first session, Peter put me at ease with his relaxed, informed, and humorous approach to the coaching. During the year I worked with Peter, I learnt so much about mic technique, voice variation, tonal differences, presentation, and so on, and I believe the finished product - my Show Reel - is a great testament to his teaching and motivational skills. All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable experience!

I really enjoyed training and working on my voicereel with Peter. He's really good at helping you produce your best, either through directing or simple physical exercises...the character just leaps off the page straight into the microphone!

Thanks to your expert direction, advice, knowledge and experience, I had such a great time that day! I loved having the opportunity to make mistakes, have a laugh, play with it, have a bash. I really enjoyed myself.

A huge thank you for a brilliant session. I had such a ball! I've learnt a lot and it was great for me to try out different scripts with my voice as it was all new territory.  Looking forward to researching into the voice over world and having a bash.

Thanks you SO much for today, it really was so enjoyable and brilliant to be so generously and carefully guided by you.

After the research and detailed practice we’ve been putting in these past weeks, exploring our voices and energies, it feels really re-assuring to have reached this stage. It is sad how often in learning situations, I feel misunderstood, dis-engaged. Thank you for being the exception! Working with you is always a buzz, a positive high. I have left feeling in a good place.


First of all, thank you for such an immense couple of days!
It was probably the best workshop that I've ever participated in; utterly inspiring, invigorating and compelling.
Not just for the content, not even necessarily for your expertise and nous, but as much for your energy and commitment to the voice and the art.


Creating my Radio Drama Reel with Peter was amazing. Peter’s advice and expertise was invaluable and I learned so much in the whole process of preparing and recording.  It was a lot of fun too. The finished product is better than I ever imagined and it has already secured me good quality work. 


Amazing practical techniques and an incredibly fine ear for voice... Phenomenal, and can highly recommend to anyone serious about working in voice over!


I initially met Peter in 2009 in Edinburgh where Spotlight had appointed him to give a Voice Over Master Class. This alone speaks volumes for Peter’s mastery of voice. I found him to to be the kind of teacher that engages me immediately. His knowledge is always gifted with direction and has the follow through to get you where you need to be.

Again, this is no more evident for me personally than when our paths crossed again this year, 2011, when I was required to do a read through for a feature film in front of Casting Director Jeremy Zimmerman, Martha Fiennes and acting alongside a few very well known British actors using a convincing American accent.

My first thought was to Peter and he knew exactly what to do. I got much more than just the vocal coaching and breakdown from Peter, I got the belief in the character and how to relate it to myself, though the accent at first seemed so alien. He helped me cultivate something that was very organic. He was also very helpful when it came to the day of the read-through, meeting me in central London and making me read aloud walking round the streets of London prior to casting. Needless to say, once he had me at that point I walked into the read-through absent of feeling self-conscience which can so often hold one back when utilising a foreign voice.

I would be more than happy to recommend the high standards and methods of Peter Warnock to anyone who needs to know anything about voice and how to use it. Regardless of the occasion or performance, I am certain that Peter would have a student’s performance where it needs to be, exceeding expectation.


Brilliant day, lovely people and joyful experience.  Thank you so much everybody.  Peter you are one of the most generous practitioners I have worked with in a very long time.  Complete and utter respect to you.


I just wanted to say thanks again for the brilliantly useful 2 day workshop ‘Step up to the Mic’ at the Actors Centre. It was crammed with essential tips of how the industry works – and I particularly enjoyed actually getting stuck in at the microphone, as it gave me the opportunity to put the tools into action! It was really fun to try out radio drama too, and definitely made me want to do more.

 Although I was nervous at the beginning, the course gave me lots of really practical tools, how close to get to the mic, studio etiquette, how to mark up the script etc.  He also introduced us to some great tools on how to self direct and play with the text physically, without the brain getting in the way, which was fantastic.

Peter has tons of energy and knowledge – and being an actor, director and sound engineer (among other things), means that you get lots of tips from lots of points of view. In other words, he really knows his stuff! In short, I got a huge amount out of the two days and would definitely go to his other courses.


I just wanted to say a huge thank you for yesterdays inspiring workshop... I found your techniques, encouragement and frankness within the practical exercises extremely helpful, and I now have a great routine to be getting on with... It was the first workshop that I’ve attended where I felt I had come away with solid techniques to continue with and a steady plan


As a working actress who has to self tape a few times a week I was astonished at how much Peter taught me! Loved the lighting part especially.


My aim was to gain more confidence, particularly with my voice. This has been met royally. I now know what my voice actually sounds like to others (so not like an annoying 10 year old after all then!) and I'm now far more confident to express and experiment with my voice like I never have done before.

The course was invaluable, the whole thing feels accessible and professional rather than daunting and unknown. Cemented the fact that this is a business, not a showground.


I learned a lot technically, from how to deliver a speed read, how to balance energy and pace with clarity and diction and how better to use my breath. I also took from it a clear picture of the steps I need to take to build my voice over career.  Overall….It was great fun!.


Mind-boggling. Amazing experience. Technology was phenomenal, direction was constructive and precise and I was able to take a lot away from it.


Peter is unlike any other acting or voice teacher I have had - incredibly passionate and a real force of inspirational energy  that made both my workshop and one-to-one lessons motivational, memorable and very, very useful


Peter Warnock is a teacher with infinite amount of skills and experience. Not only did we work on my audition pieces, but we also tried different voice techniques and accents. It seemed as if Mr. Warnock is one of those great actors who want to share their experience and capabilities with the new generation. In my opinion, there is no bigger contribution to art and theatre itself than his will to help the new talents fulfill their dreams.  I am no end grateful to him for all the support and time he has spent with me. Of course, the excellent results are apparent- I am now accepted at Central School of Speech and Drama.

In the process of working together not only did I reach the truth of the text but I also understood the importance of being able to control my whole body and more specifically- voice, eyes, emotions and posture. Peter Warnock not only helped me get into a top drama school but he also gave me the confidence that I am talented enough to follow my dreams. What is great about him is his sincerity to tell me both- my weaknesses and strengths. He gave me the space to explore and find my own approach to a character but at the same time thanks to his incredible sense of good theatre Mr. Warnock took the best out of me and emphasized it. I cannot find words strong enough to express my gratitude so I will just say thank you!


I learned a lot technically, from how to deliver a speed read, how to balance energy and pace with clarity and diction and how better to use my breath. I also took from it a clear picture of the steps I need to take to build my voice over career. Overall….It was great fun!. “


Enjoyable, interesting, practical and invaluable classes for anyone who would like to get into voice-overs. I learnt how to work in the studio and with the equipment as well as different techniques for each area of voice-over work. Would highly recommend for anyone who wants to get into the business.


This class is a must for those who want to understand how to audition in the digital realm. If you can’t seem to get a grasp of new technologies, the Internet, self-taping, and how to make these easy to use tools work for you, then this class is essential. Peter Warnock is a veteran actor and tech-wizard who can teach you how to make the most of basic tools and recording devices, some of which you probably already own. Being already quite confident with technology and self-taping myself, I found this to be an irreplaceable class which I would recommend to anyone seeking to brush up their self-taping skills.


It was nice to work with someone who is passionate about what he does! And I hope there is an opportunity to work with you again.



I felt as though I was in safe hands and that I could trust your teachings due to the professionalism, expertise and experience you brought. I never realised just how much hard work goes in to character voices and learned how amazingly important physicalisation is behind that microphone! Thank-you for an exciting and educational experience.


As I teacher I thought you were friendly, confident and laid back, I felt that you were approachable. I loved the workshops and found it very beneficial, so thank you.


The workshops were engaging and moved quickly so I felt involved throughout. I felt energised after each day! Thank you so much for an eye-opening and inspiring four days, it was a lot of fun and we all learnt an enormous amount. The teaching was also excellent, and was relaxed but inspired, I particularly liked that you gave each of us individual feedback and support throughout. It was great to have a mic in the room and the setup of the studio was ideal.


I have really enjoyed the course and your teaching I think you had a great way of engaging and challenging us, very approachable and good at answering any questions we had. You really showed us what it takes to become a voice artist and the information on the handouts you gave us was invaluable, along with encouraging us to start a voice file.


In the very first session, Peter helped me identify the difference between my native accent and the General American and English accents... We also worked on putting physical actions to my lines to keep the fluidity of a line. For example, for one of my lines “Did you have a nice crossing” I moved my right hand up and pointed to one side of the room and slowly moved the hand to opposite side. This exercise helped me to connect my voice with the rhythm of the line.  We also did exercises on relaxation, breathing, and posture to improve the sound of my voice... I had a fantastic time working with Peter Warnock. He was very encouraging during the sessions. He was clear and specific in explaining the voice techniques that targeted the areas I needed to work on to develop a new accent.


Thank you so much for all your feedback. I really appreciate it and will really take on all your notes to get me in the best possible position. These 2 weeks have been so challenging for me in a really good way! I felt really pushed out of my comfort zone to begin with but being thrown in the deep end meant I got the most possible out of the module and really sparked my interest for this sort of work.

I really admired your hands on, honest teaching method - I feel like a lot of tutors sugar coat the industry but I really appreciated being treated as a professional actor and it completely got me in the zone and in the correct mind set for working. Getting up, doing and playing is definitely the best method so thank you for instilling this and pushing me! It’s been a pleasure to work with you - thank you for everything.


Thanks for my feed back, I agree with all of it!  Would just like to say I have loved the past few weeks and I have really grown in confidence. I really responded well to your teaching methods. As an auditory learner it was nice not to be given hand out after hand out and lots of bits of paper. I feel I have learnt more by listening, watching others and making my own notes.  It was nice to work with someone of your professional standard, and to know what the industry expects from somebody with first hand experience.  You are very motivational and thanks for working with us.