Why One-to-One?

Specialised industry voice and acting training. Whatever your needs, whatever your level of experience, in a one-to-one coaching session you can work on your specific voice, acting or audition requirements. Receive expert direction and precise feedback in a session that's tailor-made for you.
And, for every two hours you book, you will receive a free 20minute skype so that you can continue to learn and seek advice even after your practical lesson.

Our Services


Plenty of microphone practice, working with professional equipment in a studio setting. Focus completely on your voice and needs including ads, docus, audio books, radio drama and games as you prepare to record a cracking reel.

Develop your self-taping skills and increase your hit rate with these 1-1 sessions exploring the beginning to the end of the process: equipment, staging, intro, filming, editing and uploading. Make your mark.

Learn how to build a strong flexible vocal instrument so that you are believable and real. Use physicality to build and perfect a specific accent.

Improve your audition technique or prepare for a specific audition to increase your hit rate. Create real, believable characters quickly, and work with improve, cold reading and expert direction.

* £45/hour for Equity and/or Spotlight members only for sessions at the Voice Zone's Surrey studio (usual price £60/hour). Lessons are also available in Central London: £55/hour for Equity and Spotlight members (usually £70/hour). Sessions are a minimum of 2 hours, and each 2 hours includes a 20min Skype Chat, giving you continued feedback on your work post-session.