Games Reel Prep & Record

Is it for me?

It is important to note immediately that this is a series of one-to-one training sessions to help you practise and prepare for recording a Games reel. At the end of the course, your material will be edited and mastered by a top engineer. As well as receiving a killer reel, you'll also be completely prepared to work in this exciting and challenging industry.

Ever wanted to enter the voice-over video games industry but aren’t sure where to start? The Games Reel Progression course will give you the tools you need to prepare for recording your games reel including developing an exciting range of characters, sourcing a variety of scripts and helping you safely develop a believable grunt track.
More importantly for your long-term career in this exciting, high-opportunity world, you will experience working to picture, how to utilise the specific but limited direction available in a games script and lay the foundation for shouting safely (which you may be required to do for up to 2 hours at a time).
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What do I get?

Spread over four separate 1 - 1 sessions and three Skype tutorials, the bespoke Games Reel Prep and Record bundle is designed around your experience level and your aims, and will be mastered by a top studio engineer. Work will include: exploring your vocal range; building voice strength; script writing and research to find suitable, contrasting games material; accent work and developing vocal tones; character improv; technical voice and character direction; being believable; gaming mic technique; using Flow, Laban and breathing exercises; and safe, continuous shouting and grunts.
The Games Reel Progression and Character Training bundle offers a massive 20% discount on our usual rates and includes:
- 3 x 3 hour practice sessions
    - 3 x 30min skype feedback and prep sessions on the practice work you send me
    - 1 x 2 hour final test and polish
    - 3 hours basic edit of all material to send to a top studio engineer who will add sfx and fully master your reel to an exceptionally high standard
- a final, fully mastered 90 sec reel (as well as 8 separate tracks)

What do I need to know?

If you're interested in Games Reel Progression then the absolute best way to proceed is to get in touch with me by email so that we can arrange a quick Skype chat to discuss your needs, aims and experience.

Sessions take place at The Voice Zone's studio in Walton-on-Thames and by Skype.
video game voice over
video game voice over
video game voice over
video game voice over

Further Details

In the first session together, we will look at the characters and games scripts already in your voice portfolio, and explore a range of styles and additional scripts for your reel. We will learn a warm-up and daily vocal routine to strengthen your voice and to build vocal support through your range so that we can safely explore new character voices, grunts and shouting without damaging your voice. Last but not least will be that all important time on the mic, working with professional recording equipment to developing a solid technique, giving you the confidence to play and perform.


In the following two sessions, using a variety of practical exercises and working to picture we will create fun, punchy, believable characters using a variety of accents that will help you make scripts your own. Working through a range of game scripts and genres you will continue to learn to respond to client direction and to use the limited but specific direction a video game script provides. We will also focus on mic technique clarity, as well as having fun through fighting grunts. Finally, we will lay a foundation for learning how to retract and shout safely without damaging your voice - in the games world you may be required to do this for 2 hours in a session.

Finally, in our last session together, we will record your final chosen scripts and grunts. I will cut the best takes together in a basic edit before sending to a top studio engineer for the final mastering of your 90sec reel.


The four sessions are spread over a number of weeks as they’ll be plenty of homework/preparation to do in between to make sure you are as prepared as possible. Between sessions, you’ll have three 30min skype tutorials, to analyse the recordings you send me between sessions, to make sure you are staying on track with your work and to explore the best ways to market your finished reel.

Your Games reel needs to have punchy, amazing content that shows your full casting range. It needs to be fast, to the point, memorable and totally believable. It is made up of grunts, accents, your own voice and character qualities, showcasing a 30% tonal difference in voices. The length of your reel should not be over 2 minutes.