1-1 Voice Over & Radio Drama Training

Is it for me?

Recording a great reel costs a lot of money, so if you want to take the plunge then you have to be completely prepared - otherwise that’s a lot of money down the drain.


The best way to get the right commercial and radio drama reels, and to not throw away that £350.00, is not to cut a reel until you are totally ready, your voice is flexible, believable and you have confidence in it. It’s also important to get some practice using a microphone and cans so that when you record a reel, and start to work as a voice-over artist, you are completely in control and comfortable on the mic.

Working with me in a number of one-to-one sessions, spaced over several weeks, we will focus totally on your voice, the microphone and on building your mic time experience. I will show you the things that you need to research, and, together, we will find the right commercial and/or radio drama scripts for your voice and build your vocal range and flexibility. You

actors training voice over
actor training voice over

will learn how to take and respond to direction, be believable and build your confidence. If you want to work on a character reel, we can also work together through improvisation to begin to develop a range of characters.

Our rehearsal time will use professional recording equipment so that you can practise using a mic and cans, as well as listening to your playbacks on high-quality studio monitors.

What will I learn?

Depending on your level of experience, areas to be explored will include:

In your intensive one-to-one sessions at the Voice Zone's studio in Walton on Thames, you'll have plenty of focused practice on the mic. Sessions will be completely tailored to you but will include:

Understanding of what goes on a reel

Understanding of your voice and how it could be described

Breath control

Timing and improving your inner clock

Tuning your ear

Discovering your "money voice"

Exploring different voices and thinking about sustainable character voices

Building a flexible vocal instrument

Improvisation to free the voice

Using visual images

How to approach commercial scripts

Responding to direction

Working under pressure with clients

Marking scripts and effective sight-reading

Building microphone technique - including how to deal with popping and lip-smacking

Using body and gesture to affect the sound of the voice

Volume control

Building an impressive, believable and compelling voice

Commercial, documentary, narrative and conversational reads

Marketing yourself as a voice-over artist

How does it work?

If you're interested in one-to-one voice over training then the absolute best way to proceed is to get in touch with me by email so that we can arrange a quick Skype chat to discuss your needs.
Sessions take place at The Voice Zone's studio in Walton-on-Thames, usually in blocks of 2-3 hours. If you're completely new to voice-overs, then booking an initial lesson will allow you to explore: working on the mic, listening to your own voice, looking at a variety of scripts and finding out how much fun it is! Whatever your level of experience, we can chat through your needs and aims, and devise a plan of action.
There is a discount of 20% available for Spotlight members. Sessions are a minimum of 2 hours in length, with each booking including a post-session Skype (20mins). If you know for certain that you would like to record a reel with me, then do take a look at the Reels pages where you can find details of special 'bundle' offers that include one-to-one preparation, as well as the recording and editing of your finished reel.

What do other actors think?

Amanda Reed

Mrs Jordan Associates

Thanks to your expert direction, advice, knowledge and experience, I had such a great time that day! I loved having the opportunity to make mistakes, have a laugh, play with it, have a bash. I really enjoyed myself.

Laura Carey

Act Up

A huge thank you for a brilliant session. I had such a ball! I've learnt a lot and it was great for me to try out different scripts with my voice as it was all new territory.  Looking forward to researching into the voice over world and having a bash.

Emily Francis

Just Voices

"Thanks you SO much for today, it really was so enjoyable and brilliant to be so generously and carefully guided by you."