Audiobook & Narration Reel Bundles

What are my options?

The international audiobook industry is huge; we've all downloaded from Audible... So, to tap into that industry you need to have a reel that showcases your ability to tell a story, to bring a variety of characters to life and to serve the text and author's intention truthfully.
There are many crucial elements to succeeding in this industry, including being tech savvy enough and having the right equipment to record in your own home. But most importantly, you need to be able to analyse the mood, energy and changing emotional tempo of a book; to be an excellent story-teller; to have superb close mic technique; to control the pace and volume of your reading with little direction; to not sound read or presenting or judgemental... Your Audiobook reel should contain a variety of genres and styles to demonstrate that you can let the story come off the page naturally and create the visual, epic or intimate environment of the book.
An actor off book is in the moment - the narrator needs to thread a fine line between ‘being totally in’ the story and being conversational
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If you feel that you are completely ready to record, then the Record a Full Length Audio Book bundle is the right option for you. However, if you feel that you would like more coaching, direction, guidance with choosing your pieces, marketing and technical advice and some time spent increasing your vocal range or developing an accent, then the Prep & Record Audiobook Reel Bundle is for you.
And remember, don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss your options if you're just not sure or want to find out more!

Record a Full Length Audiobook Reel

If you feel confident that you are ready to record your Audiobook Reel, then this is the bundle offer for you. We will have two short skype consultations to discuss your strengths and chosen pieces, and to give you some feedback on any recordings that you send to me. In the recording session, you will record your 4 chosen pieces (each 2-3mins in length), receiving expert and precise direction throughout. When your pieces have been fully mastered and edited, you will receive your full length Audiobook reel, as well as the individual files for each track for your convenience.
This Full Length Audiobook reel bundle offer includes a massive 20% discount on our usual rates and includes:

    - 2 x 30min pre-prep Skype sessions to include stretching your range and feedback on pieces you send to me to make sure they convey a variety of styles, genres, moods etc
- a 2.5 hour recording session with expert direction
    - a 2.5 hour edit to master the final reel

Audiobook Reel Bundle - Prepare & Record

If you want to record an Audiobook Reel but feel that you need some coaching and advice to reach the highest possible standard, and to prepare for working in the Audiobook industry, then this is the bundle option for you. Through one-to-one Skype sessions and 5 hours of mic time before you even record, we will insure you are thoroughly prepared.
Receiving expert and precise direction throughout, our sessions together can include: guidance with the selection of your extracts so that they show off the greatest variety of books that you would be suitable for, developing the narrator's voice, reading speech, creating atmosphere with your voice, mic technique and marketing advice.
 You will receive your full-length audiobook reel and the separate pieces as individual tracks, as well as expert direction throughout the process (not something you'll get from most Reel services).
The Prepare and Record Audiobook Reel Bundle offers a massive 20% discount on our usual rates and includes:

    - an initial 30min Skype session to get you started exploring marketing & extract choices
- 2 x 2.5 hour practice sessions
    - 2 x 30min skype feedback sessions on the practice work you send me
- a 2 hour final recording session
- a 2 hour edit to master the final reel

What do I need to know?

If you're interested in either of the Audiobook Reel bundles, then the absolute best way to proceed is to get in touch with me by email so that we can arrange a quick Skype chat to discuss your needs, aims and experience.

Sessions take place at The Voice Zone's studio in Walton-on-Thames and by Skype.