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Whatever your level, Professional Self-Taping one-to-one tutorials are tailored and built around your individual needs and goals. The sessions are extremely hands-on and practical, giving you everything you need to build your confidence in all areas of the self-taping process: technology, lighting, editing and uploading, as well as honing your acting skills.

In our 15 minute skype chat before your first session, we will discuss your experience, problems and goals when it comes to self-taping. From this, we will build a personal plan covering the areas that you need to build your confidence in, including etiquette and best practice.


These one-to-one sessions will increase your chances of getting that film, TV, voice or corporate job, especially as more and more castings are through self-taping. It will give you a useful tool when applying for jobs in the USA; increased confidence in technology; plus a a step-by-step guide that you should be able to put into effect next time you have an audition to submit over the internet, ensuring you come across as relaxed, professional and as positive as you possibly can.

I do also offer a Self-Tape filming and editing service from my studio in Walton on Thames, using a range of cameras, professional lighting and backdrops. If you would rather that I worry about the technical side of things, while you concentrate on the audition and acting, then this is an option too - just get in touch. This is particularly useful if you are needing to get something recorded quickly....

What will I learn?

During the session(s), we will use both your own equipment (smart phone/digital camera etc) as well as mine and will work through a variety of different character and script styles so that you can explore how changing lighting, framing and angles can really show your acting off in the best possible way. Everything will work towards getting you that recall and job.


When it comes to editing and uploading your material, there will be plenty of opportunity to practise during the session(s) if you need to so don’t panic if you feel at all unconfident in this area. We can practise basic top-and-tailing edits on your smart phone, a more detailed edit with transitions and extra info on the computer and uploading to a variety of different platforms like We Transfer, You Tube, Dropbox and Vimeo.


I’ll then give you a short script to record, edit and upload for homework so that you can practise sending it to me, utilising your new skills and continuing to gain confidence.

To make your two minute self-tape audition effective and memorable so you get that recall, you may want to work on the following elements:

Working with the camera

Adjusting angles - how to look on camera

Lights and background

The importance of sound quality

Using the space you have to best effect

Editing and uploading easily

Intros and outros

Delivery and transitions

Script interpretation and sight-reading


Using your voice - accents, pitch, pace, tone...

Do's and Dont's

What do I need to know?

If you're interested in one-to-one voice over training then the absolute best way to proceed is to get in touch with me by email so that we can arrange a quick Skype chat to discuss your needs and devise a plan of action. If you need my help to record a self-tape for a specific audition, do let me know this as soon as possible in your initial email - I'm sure that speed will be of the essence!

Sessions take place at The Voice Zone's studio in Walton-on-Thames, usually in blocks of 2-3 hours. Remember to bring a device you can record on to the session so that you can work with the technology you're going to be using for your self-tapes - ideally a smartphone and laptop with the appropriate connector leads if you have them, or just a digital camera will do.
There is a discount of 20% available for Spotlight members. Sessions are a minimum of 2 hours in length, with each booking including a post-session Skype (20mins).

What do other actors think?

Margaret Tully

Dream makers Consultancy

"Brilliant day, lovely to meet you for a really joyful experience.  Peter you are one of the most generous practitioners I have worked with in a very long time.  Complete and utter respect to you."

Mike Bodie

Damn Good Voices /

Olivia Bell Management

“This class is a must for those who want to understand how to audition in the digital realm. If you can’t seem to get a grasp of new technologies, the Internet, self-taping, and how to make these easy to use tools work for you, then this class is essential. Peter Warnock is a veteran actor and tech-wizard who can teach you how to make the most of basic tools and recording devices, some of which you probably already own. Being already quite confident with technology and self-taping myself, I found this to be an irreplaceable class which I would recommend to anyone seeking to brush up their self-taping skills.”

Jiggy Bhore

"It's clear that this is the way that auditions are going - Thanks so much Peter, a really great day.  So much to think about – and all so useful."