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Camera Intensive

Flex your acting muscles, max 8 actors, 2 cameras, bring a scene, work an accent , cold read, nail your auditions, Take direction build camera technique, and know where your light is £62

Serena and Peter ( Cv )  Sat or Sunday 10.30 - 6.30
1 day Audition and sight-reading technique on camera intensive  
£62  max 8  max
Here is your Simple Prep work to follow

Email your Cv, problems and goals and what you would like to achieve in this fun, intense day. Learn a 1 minute natural chatty intro conversation about yourself and what you have been up to.  Or Bring material you want to work on.

Actors will build confidence and technique by tuning their eyes ears and watching back their sight-reading on a monitor.

In the morning, you will record a base-line so you can hear back your improvement with your sight-reading skills, bringing cold text to life.  Then in the afternoon with
the aid of the camera we will identify default patterns so you do not fall back on default habits, make weak choices,  over present, sounding read or just throwing away text and not living in the moments. By distracting the left side of the brain, you will be able to make bolder, stronger and more interesting choices in an audition room. We will also explore voice use, clarity, believability, reading with other actors, working the camera and your intro chat, as we explore a range of scenes.

 identify your strengths and weaknesses,