Two Day Voice-Over Immersion

The two day Voice Over Immersion Workshop is for a group of 6-10 actors who are new to the world of Commercial voice-overs and radio drama and want to find out if it is right for them.
With lots of time on the microphone and using professional studio equipment, this is a highly practical course that will increase your vocal confidence, teach you how to use your voice effectively and really test your range. You will build and develop microphone technique; practise commercial, documentary, narrative, hard-sell and conversational reads; explore radio drama; receive professional, honest feedback; understand more about the UK voiceover industry; and gain a greater understanding of your own voice, its capabilities and how you can work in the exciting world of voice-overs.

The first day of this incredibly practical, fast-paced two day workshop will focus on building mic practice and listening back to your work through professional studio monitors. Learn how to use your voice effectively, find a natural read style, discover your "money voice" and have the opportunity to explore the variety of different voices that may be required of you. Using Laban and numerous physical exercises, you will discover how you can use your body and gestures to change your voice qualities.


Day two of the workshops will continue all of these practices, and explore what it is like to work with and receive direction from clients. You will receive professional, honest feedback about your work and learn how to continue your work and preparation in this exciting area of the industry.

Day 1

Approaching the microphone

Building microphone technique

How to deal with popping & lip-smacking

Approaching commercial voice-overs & narration

Marking Scripts & effective sight-reading

Build a natural read style

Finding where your voice fits - what scripts are right for you

Using body & gesture to effect the sound of your voice

Timing & improving your inner clock

Discovering your "money voice"

Responding effectively to direction

Studio etiquette

Working with professional equipment

Being believable and confident on the mic

Day 2

Working in a studio setting - what to expect

What goes on a reel?

Building an expressive, believable & compelling voice

Breath control

Tuning your ear

Exploring different voices

Changing the age of your voice

Using visual images

Working under pressure with clients

Volume control

Approaching radio drama

Building a daily routine

Practise working with music

Explore a range of material for your voice portfolio

Finish the two days with the confidence and tools to continue your practice independently!

It's a 2 day workshop, running from 10.30am - 6.30pm.


There are two alternative venues: The Voice Zone Studio in Walton on Thames (max 6) or on Buckingham Palace Road in central London (max 10).

The cost is £135 in Walton on Thames, or £150 in London and includes: 15 hours of teaching, a selection of prep work for before the session, a workbook, one raw sound file of your ads and a sound file of your radio duologue.

January 03, 2023

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February 23, 2023

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May 28, 2023

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Narrow Road Commercials

“You delivered the workshop with great energy, enthusiasm and passion for all things voice and voice over and you did a great job of packing a lot of content into the two days.


Olivia Bell Management


Union Management

I just wanted to say thanks again for the brilliantly useful 2 day workshop. It was crammed with essential tips of how the industry works – and I particularly enjoyed actually getting stuck in at the microphone, as it gave me the opportunity to put the tools into action! It was really fun to try out radio drama too, and definitely made me want to do more.

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